Courage, the ability to tackle the things of the mind that don’t feed into who you are at your core.  You know the things like fear, inadequacy, low-self esteem, not being vulnerable of being the real you. Courage will help you propel forward even in times when you’re not looking to move forward. The feelings […]

God is Carrying me The days are passing by. Wait is what God says but, Why? I know that I’m supposed to trust your every move. This waiting season is giving me the Blues. Clues, Clues, Clues, I ask for in hopes of Revelation to be Revealed; It’s in your timing, so God I will just Be Still. Be still and know that you are Faithful in ALL things; Even my Wants, Hopes, Desires, and Dreams. It’s not merely on purpose that you’ve decided to prune my LIFE at this time. I’m glancing in the mirror at the devil saying, “Give me my LIFE BACK, because it’s all MINE!” Only to Wake up with Thanksgiving and Gratefulness in my Heart, NOW, I see that and understand that you have my Heart and was carrying me from the START.