Powered By Faith (1)


Making the decision to align is one of the things that will cause us to get in the right position leading and living a life of purpose. I know the hustle all too well, and in the hustle there is a certain amount of grit and grind that is necessary to get you to the level of alignment. Grit, is defined as the courage and resolve that is needed on levels that you are going to reach for purpose. Grit is also curated as strength of character. It takes grit to be in the pursuit of your purpose as you obey the waves of the tide. If you are constantly thinking about doing that thing, it definitely should be done. Little steps are better than none. Ha, that rhymed! The aligning process is where the grit and grind are maximized to the capacity in which you are able to operate at the level of your potential. One thing that I have always been so fascinated about in the process is the fact that there are so many levels and/or dimensions to it. It’s like, once you think that you have mastered this level, the next level of alignment evolving or emerging. Although there maybe a season of grace that is implemented to where you are able to review and re-calibrate and enjoy the moments leading up to that breakthrough; there are other times where there will be risks that are taken, fears that are subsiding, and barriers/doors that have to be broken down because there is something that is greater awaiting. It’s all apart of your Purpose…. ALIGN.


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