Be an I N F L U E N C E R.

Being an Influencer, it’s having the power to change or affect someone or something. Influencers also cause changes without directly forcing them to happen, as well as someone that affects someone or something in an important way.

An influencer must know who they are know what they possess, and own the impact that they have on a person and their lives. This in particular can be overwhelming, yet free at the same time. Once you are able to gravitate towards the things that give you life, you are able to give that to those that are watching, and/or following you. We all have some thing that stimulates us to do things that sometimes scares us or challenges us to be the be better than we were the day before. As influencers, it is vital that one is intune with the wave in which they were strategically placed in the earth as GAME changers, or what I like to call them, PURPOSE INFLUENCERS.

See what you BECOME!! It is all about the be-coming and VIEWING the journey as the GOAL! OWN YOUR CONFIDENCE. Stay ready for the assignment when it presents itself!

Influencers can also be hidden figures, as sometimes, they are the ones that are living the impossible, taking risks, making sacrifices, and fighting for their dreams and goals unapologetically. I find so much rest and peace in knowing that when people are following influencers they are actually impacting their lives, and making them want to change the things that they do differently. Looking at the likes, and the numbers can fool the average person that is looking for the validation in it all. Validation should come naturally as you are seeing and hearing the impact that you are making when some one shares that they have made a goal or change as it pertain to making their life better. As an influencer , discovering your impact and its risks. As I quote, “Discovery is not just discovery, it is always going to come with some type of form of risk that is involved.” You may risk time with family, friends, and or traveling. But once there are a clear understanding of the position that you hold and the ability to tap into your super power, the risk is well worth it. Everything begins to flow. Peace, joy, happiness, and strength flows as you are purposely impacting lives with your actions as an INFLUENCER.




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