INFLUENCERDiscipline, what a word that can sometimes come off as intimidating. I remember where I struggled with discipline in so many ways that it was becoming more visible in the things that I desired, versus the things that were manifesting into my life. Now, there are times where I still have a constant battle, or what I call it, “Tug of War” with discipline, and it can overtake the things that are supposed to be happening now in my life and the future. Discipline can be a real dream CRUSHER.

Purpose will drive out your discipline. Discipline will help you draw out the deeper and better YOU. It can be so hard finding the right beat that will set you on the path to being disciplined.

Have you ever thought about the things that you think about? What are the things that your mind starts to gravitate towards doing when you are trying to be disciplined in a task? I know that my thoughts were sometimes all over the place, being that I have such a colorful and creative mind. One way thinking can be obsolete at the time, but one of the things that I have learned and that has helped with dealing with discipline is actually writing those things down. Writing the things down that I thought were important at the moment, and then I would go back later in the day, if time permits to even see if it could be something that could wait another day, week, month, or ever year. Some things are meant to be looked at or recalled for a later dissecting.

What I realized was that discipline was the cornerstone to fulfilling my destiny and purpose. There had to be a foundation that was set an I became more intentional about being specific on the things that I needed to get discipline in. It takes discipline to turn a dream into reality; I just needed the right ingredients that would put everything into place. It was a matter of doing what I knew to do, even though I didn’t feel like doing it. At some point, pushing past the feelings will get us there. This point of breaking will also enhance and have you to be more in tune with what it takes to push through to the better you.

Get the discipline in knowing that it will ultimately pay off in the end.



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