Being Used Well

Being used well, til the heart of the matter is handled;

Too often being stretched too thin, can lead to things being dismantled.

It takes consistency of great expectations of the creators’ power being within the asking;

 He’ll never direct you or your decisions to the destructive way of the masses.

Don’t fret, the clarity of your greatness will be revealed as you stay doing the things of your heart unapologetically;

Times and things may get tough, yet the creator will instill Boldness, Strength, Courage, and Authority.

Authority in him, by knowing that with his grace, that very thing that is sufficient;

There’s no doubt in his ability to give you power when you adhere to his promises that’s apart of your existence.

Courage in the belief that the very things that you are afraid to accomplish will be blessed with the one who elevates;

His unrushed hands are far beyond our reach, yet he’s so close to us while we wait.

Strength like no other that reaches to the very depths of our souls in times that we can’t seem to feel his presence;

Its so amazing to know that his mighty power is Omniscient.

Boldness to the degree that we are unstoppable and untouchable because of the amount of faith that is released in our actions;

The substance that’s unseen is greater than the flesh can fathom in ones mental reaction.

The exchange that he gives in honor of our obedience to being used well is far greater than what meets the eye;

His countenance manifested in our lives supersedes our own understanding of the Eternal Demise.

This poem  was written and inspired this piece of artwork ans while I pondered on my gifts and abilities, and how I was created to pour into people with art, poetry, and all other creative ways that will help people realize their full potential. I have been mandated by my higher power to be the light and shed light to those that can’t see past their darkness or dark places at that time.I want to make sure that I am fully aware of my capabilities and that they are exercised and used according to me best ability. I’ve had numerous of people tell me that I am talented, or that I am gifted in so many ways. Yet, what they don’t know is the constant battle I have in how and when I will release my talents and gifts appropriately. What I am aware of by now is that, my timing will never be perfect, if I am looking for everything to be perfect according to time. So, with that being said, I will be used well as I continue to be transparent, and open to opportunities that present themselves. “Everything that I am called to do and be, is waiting on the other side of my obedience” Bishop Dale C. Bronner. When I think about the various things that I have accomplished, and the lives that I have inspired, and the people that look up to me as a leader, I give God the glory in it all. I do know that there are certain things that are not done in my strength alone, and I will always remain humble in the accomplishments and advancements that present themselves. My desire is to influence, and as I influence I want to be used well before I expire. May God continue to develop and awaken the consciousness within me to complete the things that are set before me according to his destiny for me.– With Awakening Vibes.601 (2)


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