It’s Beyond Me

Patient, Because I know its beyond me,

Getting that Fix is what I may need to help with the inner me.

Only to dwell in that mental state of it’s beyond me!

Patient in Expectancy;

Knowing that sometimes the evidence is what we can’t see.

It’s easier to deal with what we can see;

Hindsight is evidence for me.

Yet, I languish to have the ability to wait in an unquestionable expectancy,

Even if it takes patience to be used to its highest degree….

This is Beyond me, I see.

It’s beyond me was inspired by LIFE. As we grow through life, notice I stated, GROW; We should become more aware of the things that happen to us, around, us, for us, and to those that are closest to us. The one thing that we should capitalize on the is that in life we are forever evolving and getting better. “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up,” Galatians 6:9. The one that we must realize is that we will fail, but we must know that we never fail, if we learn from it. Lesson are being taught from the ultimate teacher and ruler; and we are the students. Class is always in session. And its up to us to gravitate to the aspect learning. Even if we are losing, we are still winning, as long as we grasp the concept of Learning.

In the beginning of this piece, I reverence the fact that I am Patient. How many of us know that sometimes, being patient can be the last thing that we want to be or have. I can truly say that it has been a process of my development, to where I have built up enough courage to say that I have patience. “Our Greatest moment is developed when we realize that we are GROWING as we go through the process.” -Shaquita Maxey The amount of patience to the degree that when things are not going according to my plan, I shift my focus to the one that originally created the plan… And in my mind, I think; GOD’S SPEED.

Beyond me, translates the fact that God ordains the oceans waves to produce a tyrant and the winds to flourish in the storm, so the fact that I am no longer obligated to even try to master the things that he does in my life is one of the reasons why I say its beyond me; because with my understanding, I will not be able to fully dissect and put the pieces together. When things are not so clear and there is a misunderstanding, we should go to God with a pure heart and ask him for clarity, understanding, wise counsel, direction and the ability to forcefully stay at his throne until he has fully given us the understanding that is needed to see the bigger picture or his vision/version of it.

We all want a quick fix of mental restoration or even hints on life, at times, we’re like, “God just give it to me know, so I won’t have to do all this deciphering.” And God’s like, “Nope, Not this time, If I give it to you now, you may try to run and not go through it, or you may not want to do the job, take the test, start the business, forgive the parent, or even give to the poor person even though you are barely making it yourself.”  But it’s in the waiting process that character, discipline, obedience, drive, and so much more is developed. No one wants to be in the state of mind, where they have to accept the fact that what they want is not happening now, but it will. Be Patient, in expectancy because if we are truly relying on God and his promises, he said in his word that it will not return void. “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it, ” Isaiah 55:1. So with that being said, when there is a God Idea that is dropped, or something has appeared to me in my dream, or even the woman on the street that says a prophetic word that elevates me to a higher understanding in the spiritual realm, I’ll wait in expectancy. Sometimes the most evidence that’s found is in the things that we can not see. The evidence are the building factors; such as things like the build of character, self-esteem, leadership, patience, faith, strength, power, prayer life, honor, and most importantly; the Glorification of God. It all is done for him to get the Glory.

“Our Greatest moment is developed when we realize that we are GROWING as we go through the process.” -Shaquita Maxey


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