God’s Plan

GOD’S Plans

I don’t mind, well I do mind,

My plans, your plans, our plans, God Plans; You know what, his plans are just fine!

I envision visions, get lost in dreams;

Take thoughts captive if they are not pleasing in the sight of my King.

I seek the Kings plans because they are more articulate, foretelling, and divine;

Gods’ will never ceases to amaze me, as I scratch off the things that I thought was a part of the plan that I had in mind.

Well thought out sketched up drafts of seemingly rehearsed plans that are meant for me to arrive,

Only to arrive at the foot of the Father with anticipation that he will forgive me for not consulting him, he’s the one with all the drive.

Driven, by his assurance that he will provide the wisdom needed for the first step of the plan; Yielding is what is necessary; lead the way, while I take your hand.



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