Layers & Levels

Layers and levels

Layered by levels

Different levels of significance;

Levels uncovered by life that are assigned to our existence.

Get a grip on each level as they reveal certain aspects that empower the mind to maintain the position;

The position may seem hard, yet the requirement of its coating to our destiny and purpose provokes wisdom while you’re in it.

Certain levels are meant to build character, integrity, and resiliency;

Resiliency adds a coated layer of adaptation to the adversary, as life unfolds to the next level of distinction.

Glory to Glory, Faith to Faith, Gods’ intentions are pure as he takes us higher and the layers are being resurfaced to expose the inner you;

The inner you reveals the impulses of the authentic being that expose truth.

Unprotected truths leads to a deeper consciousness of who you are as a King’s kid here to serve;

Serving with the heart of God, uncovering different layers and levels of his Glory on reserve.

Reserved Glory for the obedient one seeking to go to different levels,

Levels in Christ heightened as purpose is revealed through layers exposing Gods love for you is special.


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