Fill Me UP

Over flow in your presence is my heart’s desire;

How grandeur is your spirit that overtakes me and lifts me higher.

Higher until I’m totally consumed with whom you truly are to me;

The Deity of your existence is the epitome of ambitions at its highest peak.

Your destiny and will for me I seek, because I am not my own;

Fill me up with your spirit and power as I go before your throne.

At the throne, where I get to know you more,

More of you and less of me is my cry in this broken world.

Fill me with your power as it’s released to supersede the forces and energies that are forever present;

Omnipresent you are, the confidence that’s within me is what’s evident.

Filled with amazement of the spirit that dwells with in me, as I enter your secret place to deepen our relationship;

A relationship that is so filled with revelation and kinship.

Fill me up with your fervent existence of love for those that are unlovable;

Empty me of those things that are not pleasing in thy sight, decipher my ways and continue to allow me to be unmovable.

Unmovable, in resting in your unfailing, unchanging, unrelenting love because you are God and you never change,

Change is what materializes when your spirit overtakes me; each encounter exposes the heights of how your love for me remains.


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