Honesty given at the purity of heart,

Heart searched and sifted of true loyalty from the details of its intricate parts.

Honesty demands loyalty to yourself, which feeds off of integrity;

Integrity measured by your ability to dig deep into your core consciousness you see.

You see, when you hold back the truth it alters the authentic you;

Truths and honesty manifested and released into the atmosphere for view.

Views from those that cross our paths seeking connection of honesty being birthed from the connected non-negotiables of collected truths;

Collected truths of awareness that has been awakened from honesty of the absolutes.

The absolute truth is the nature in which honesty is derived from;

Character exposed on a level of transparency from the heart where all of life’s’ highs and lows are tested and strengths come.

There is firm strength in honesty as you are winning little victories for yourself to become better;

Mastery of the unfathomable truths of who you are and honesty will remain rooted in your being forever.


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