About Me

Shaquita Maxey, a woman of many layers of paint on the canvas. I am a Child of God, Speaker, Writer/Author, Educator, Artist, and lover of all things Creative. God is Supreme in MY life.

It is important for me to give back to the people that I encounter, as I journey through life. My story is a bit different, as I have looked at life in a way that has caused my perspective to shift in every season that I have endured. My goal is to encourage people to chase their purpose as well as allowing themselves to develop, grow, and be perfectly okay with the evolution of their lives. In my illustration of my story, in my experiences as it relates to struggles with not being enough, fears of rejection, fears of commitment, not knowing my worth, and various other obstacles; it has catapulted me to the woman of Faith that I am today.

I believe that through transparency, others will be inspired to recognize their true self-worth, recognize the lessons in each season of their lives, and shifting their perspectives, while seeking to live life intentionally with purpose in mind.

As a leader, I thrive off of the interactions of meeting people and helping them to drive home on being the best version of themselves. My motto is “Embrace being uncomfortable, it is necessary.” I believe that it is not only necessary for people to recognize that ultimately, as a person evolve, they are becoming another version of themselves. I also believe that everyone has a seed that has to be planted into this great Earth, how the seed is watered, depends on the individual’s purpose. I believe that I am purposely positioned to help ignite the imagination of others so that they are able to see theirs seeds grow through ACTIONS.601 (2)